We have winners!

The contest was a huge success and we would like to present the winners - here they are!
Enjoy the best three enjoyments of safer technology, as recorded or shot by your colleagues.*

*Submissions are in random order.


Our 3 winners get a cool Samsung Google Nexus 10 tablet on which they can enjoy safer technology everywhere they go.

Samsung Google Nexus 10 Tablet

Contest Status

1. The Contest Organizer
The organizer of the “Show how YOU enjoy safer technology” contest (here in after referred to as “Contest”) is ESET, spol. s r.o., having its registered office at Einsteinova 24, 851 01 Bratislava, Slovak Republic, registered in the Commercial Register administered by Bratislava I District Court, Section Sro, Entry No 3586/B, Business Identification Number: 31 333 535 (hereinafter referred to as “ESET”).

2. The Contest Objective
The objective of the contest is to support creativeness of employees and marketing visualization of “Enjoy safer technology” slogan.

3. Object of Contest
Everyone that meets requirements stipulated under the Article 4 of this Contest Status (hereinafter referred to as “Participant”) shall be entitled to actively join the Contest as an author expressing the meaning of “Enjoy safer technology” claim from his/her point of view and create a photo, image, comics, joke, song or video (hereinafter referred to as “Contribution”). Participant shall send his/her Contribution to special email address enjoysafertechnology@eset.sk. Participant is only allowed to send 1 Contribution.

4. Participation Requirements
The contest is open to all physical entities that have employment relation with ESET, its organizational entities or any one of the companies under the ESET group explicitly situated in Bratislava, Kosice, Krakow, Jablonec, Singapore and Montreal during the period of Contest. ESET reserves a right to disqualify any Participant for violation of this Contest Status.

5. Prize
ESET shall deliver Samsung Google Nexus 10 – P8110, Android OS - 32GB (hereinafter referred to as “Price”) in compliance with Article 8 of this Contest Status to 3 Participants determined by voting regulated by Article 7 of this Contest Status.

6. Contest Duration
Time period for sending Contributions under the Article 3 of this Contest Status starts August 13th, 2013 and ends August 27th, 2013. Voting period shall start August 29th, 2013 and ends September 6th, 2013. Winning Participants shall be announced on September 10th, 2013 via email and Intranet. ESET reserves all rights to change any of Contest’s dates. Central European Time is relevant for the purpose of this Contest.

7. Voting
Every person that meets requirements stipulated in Article 4 of this Contest Status shall be allowed to vote by choosing 3 Contribution from pieces published on special website. Participants that are authors of first 3 Contributions with the highest number of votes shall be eligible for the Price.

8. Prize Delivery
Prize shall be delivered by employer of winning Participant. The winning Participant has the right to refuse the prize.

9. Intellectual Property Rights
Contribution is a work created by an ESET’s Employee during his/her employment at the initiative of the ESET as an Employer or under the ESET’s instructions and under ESET’s supervision in compliance with Article 50 of Law no. 618/2003 of Collection of Laws on Copyright and Rights Related to Copyright, which is subject to Intellectual Property Rights.ESET’s employee as Participant agrees that ESET shall have title to all Intellectual Property Rights hereof (including the original right to use or utilise the Contribution) within the maximal possible scope permitted by laws. The Participant hereby also assigns and transfers all Intellectual Property Rights to the Contribution (within the maximal possible scope permitted by laws) to ESET and ESET hereby accepts all the rights hereof. So far as the assignment and transfer of rights is not permitted upon the corresponding legal regulations or the Participant is not ESET’s employee, Participant hereby grants ESET with the exclusive license for the use and utilization of the Contribution within the unlimited scope (hereinafter referred to as the “License”). Such a License shall be granted for an indefinite period of time and shall be granted along with the right to grant a sublicense. The Participant hereby grants approval to the ESET at their discretion to transfer any Intellectual Property Rights to the Contribution to the third party.

10. Final Provision
In the case of discrepancies between the Slovak and English version the Slovak version shall always prevail as the Slovak version is deemed original.

11. Organizer contact information
In case of questions, Participants shall contact ESET at enjoysafertechnology@eset.sk